Thompson History

The Thompson family has been growing strawberries in Kenosha County for over 70 years. We have been primarily a "Pick-Your-Own" farm for 50 years. Scott Thompson is the 4th generation of Thompson's to grow strawberries. During the peak of the "Pick-Your-Own," we grew 150 acres of strawberries. Our farm is located just east of the The Club at Strawberry Creek Golf Course. We currently farm about 100 acres and will be picking 20 acres of strawberries this year. Although we have downsized, we still have plenty of strawberries to meet the demand. The season usually starts about mid-June and usually we pick at least through July 4th. We are more than just strawberries though. We also have raspberries and pumpkins! Weather makes a big difference in the starting date for picking and availability of berries and pumpkins during the season. We encourage customers to check picking conditions and berry status information before they come to the farm:

"The Berry Best Place to Be!"