Pick your own & Pre-picked


Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am to 4pm

"Today on the Farm"

Click here for updated picking conditions and berry status

Pick Your Own Strawberries

$10.00 per 4-quart basket

Come out and pick your own strawberries! When you arrive, at the farm, you will follow the signs to the pre-picked strawberry stand. An employee will direct you, from the stand to the field, where you can park. The field will always have employees available to ask questions, they are located by the large trailer. We supply the baskets for you to pick the berries and take them home in. When you are done picking, you will proceed to the checkout stand, to pay for the baskets that you have picked.*Please be ready to check out by closing time. There is an extra fee if you stay past close.*

Ways to Save!

  • Pick 6 baskets and only pay for 5
  • Get .50 cents off when you reuse our baskets

Pre-Picked Strawberries

$15.00 per 4-quart basket

Don't have the time to pick your own basket? Come on out anyway, we have pre-picked baskets available for purchase. When you arrive please follow the signs as they will guide you to the stand of pre-picked strawberries. Pre-Picked baskets are picked on a daily basis, during the season, and only for sale while supplies last. These berries sell fast!

We encourage customers to check picking conditions and berry status information before they come to the farm: "Today on the Farm", Facebook

Tips on Pre-Picked!

  • Pre-Picked berries are picked everyday
  • Daily supplies will sell fast!
  • Always check berry status before arrival

Looking to make something delicious with your strawberries? Click here for recipes.

"The Berry Best Place to Be!"